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The Solar Smart Bin by Sorian Gadgets Pvt. Ltd. is a sustainable, smart waste management solution powered by solar energy. It features a dustbin filling alert, WiFi and GSM connectivity, GPS tracking, an automatic opening system, and a 50-liter capacity. Designed for municipalities, residential societies, corporate offices, and government buildings, it aims to enhance efficiency, promote green energy, and provide a hygienic, touch-free waste disposal experience.


• Powered by solar energy.

• Features automatic opening and closing triggered by movement detection.

• Includes real-time monitoring capabilities for fill levels with live updates.

• Integrates with a mobile app for alerts, fill level updates, and optimizing collection routes.

• High sustainability, utilizing renewable energy and optimizing collection routes to increase

. • Minimal user interaction required, primarily through the app for receiving notifications.

• Encourages community involvement through app notifications and alerts.

• Offers high operational efficiency by reducing collection costs and preventing overflow.

• Ideally applied in public spaces to foster community participation.

• Installation and Setup

• 6 Months Warranty and Repair Services

• Training and Education

• Maintenance

• Customization and Personaliza

Sorian Gadgets Pvt. Ltd. is thrilled to announce the launch of our latest innovation - the Solar Smart Bin, a cutting-edge solution designed to revolutionize waste management for municipalities, residential societies, townships, corporate offices, government buildings, and many more.

Why Solar Smart Bin?

In our quest for sustainability and smart technology integration, the Solar Smart Bin stands out with its advanced features:

Solar Powered: Harnessing the power of the sun, it operates efficiently, reducing electricity usage and promoting green energy.
Dustbin Filling Alert: Never overflows, thanks to the mobile application alerts that notify when it's time for emptying.
Connectivity: Equipped with WiFi and GSM for seamless operation and communication.
GPS Tracking: Always know the location of your bins with live GPS tracking.
Automatic Opening System: For a touch-free, hygienic waste disposal experience.
Capacity: A generous 50-liter capacity to accommodate more waste, lessening the frequency of disposals.
The Solar Smart Bin is more than just a dustbin; it's a smart solution designed for the modern city and workspace, embodying our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and convenience.

Stay ahead in waste management and embrace the future with Solar Smart Bin. Ideal for any setting looking to upgrade its waste disposal systems - be it a bustling municipality, a forward-thinking township, a responsible corporate office, or a government entity aiming for efficiency and sustainability.


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